About us

A small note to all Translation Groups –

We have the first 10 Chapters of all the series on our site and on Ch.11 we have put Download Link and a Link to your site.
We added those first 10 Chapters so readers can read and decide if that series suits their taste or not, Then they can decide to Download the series or Continue reading It on your website.
We give proper Credits to all Translation Groups, unlike others.
If you guys don’t want us to even have those first 10 Chapters, feel free to DM us on DISCORD Server and we will remove those chapters from our site.

Who are you?

We are a small group of passionate Novel Readers. We created this site to make it easier to Download Novels for fellow readers.

Do you guys translate any series?

No, as of now we do not Translate any series but we do plan on translating some series in the near future.

Are all the series files on this site created by you?

Yes, 99% of the EPUBs and 100% of all PDFs are created by our team.
Soon that 1% of the EPUB will be replaced by our ver.

I like what your doing, How can I support you?

You can support us through Patreon

How can I contact you?

You contact us through our Discord server – https://discord.gg/kqCTEeC